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Society Matters is a first-of-its-kind initiative in India, launched by Solicitor Gajanan Khergamker, aimed to educate and empower stakeholders and ensure the reach of laws affecting Housing Societies across India, in principle and practice. Living in a Cooperative Housing Society (CHS) entails tackling a host of issues and laws unique to societies and covered by particular state's Cooperative Societies Act, Rules and Bye-Laws.

And then, there are a string of judgements and rulings by High Courts, Cooperative Courts and Consumer Fora that directly affect Housing Societies and their members. The most-recent Consumer Protection Act 2018, for instance, has several new provisions that impact them.

In the absence of legal knowledge and strategic intervention, you risk losing your hard-earned money even your very homes to a legal imbroglio created by a builder, an association or due to the mischief of greedy managing committee members.

Society Matters breaks down the legislation and associated judgements for the affected through its series of talks, workshops, lectures and media generated online. Society Matters also represents the Cooperative Housing Society sector and tackles wider issues affecting the same before the associated Ministry and its departments, RERA authority, Police, Housing and Development Authorities such as say, SRA, MHADA in Maharashtra.

Affected stakeholders with queries can:
- Follow on Twitter and tweet queries
- Join Facebook Group to participate in discussion on pertinent issues
- Like Facebook Page for the latest on laws, judgments, talks, workshops
- Sign up to attend Legal Talks
- Seek appointment for consultation with Solicitor Gajanan Khergamker

Queries may be addressed on social media platforms, through a Legal Talk or in the Legal Column.

Legal Column: Solicitor Gajanan Khergamker has been writing on Housing Society issues and laws for over three decades in various publications across India including The Times of IndiaTimes PropertyMid-DayAfternoon DC, etc. He generates legal commentaries, legal columns and analysis of latest judgments and rulings that are published across print and online fora. His regular Legal Column addresses the latest developments in laws, trends, concerns and queries posed by readers.
The latest Legal Column can be found here.

Legal Talks: Legal Talks are held regularly at The Chambers of Solicitor Gajanan Khergamker in Colaba, Mumbai to discuss pertinent issues. You could request a private group session on a specific subject or issue at your venue also.
Details about Legal Talks (paid) and how to sign up for one can be found here.

Services Offered: For a detailed list of services offered, click here.

Who should benefit from Society Matters?
- Cooperative Housing Societies    
- Managing Committees    
- Grievance Committees
- CHS Members
- Residents Associations                                                  
- Landlords / Tenants
- Licensors / Licensees                                        
- Builders / Developers
- Tenants opting to form a Cooperative Housing Society        
- Societies opting for Redevelopment
- Defaulters
- Society Managers
- Lawyers representing the above

Which issues does Society Matters cover?
- Parking Issues
- Non-Occupancy Charges
- Transfer Fees
- Nominee and Associate Members
- Membership Issues
- Nuisance and Encroachment
- Repairs and Renovations
- Maintenance
- Leakage and Liability of Society
- Rogue Member
- Managing Committee
- Expulsion from Society
- Conveyance
- Conversion of Rental Premises to a CHS
- Redevelopment
- and more...

You can fill the Query Form below. Queries may be addressed on social media platforms, through a Legal Talk or in the Legal Column.

If you have a group of 5 or more people interested in a specific subject/issue, you could commission a separate Legal Talk (chargeable) on a topic of your choice.

If you are a Housing Society, you could commission a Legal Talk (chargeable) on a specific issue or a general talk in your society also.