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Acts And Rules

The Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960
An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to Co-operative Societies in the State of Maharashtra. Whereas with a view to providing for the orderly development of the co-operative movement in the State of Maharashtra in accordance with the relevant directive principles of State policy enunciated in the Constitution of India, it is expedient of consolidate and amend the law relating to co-operative societies in that State...
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The Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Rules, 1961
Chapter I - Preliminary
1. Short title and extent:- These rules may be called the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Rules 1961. (1) They extend to the whole of the State of Maharashtra...
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Model Bye-Laws of Cooperative Housing Societies
As per the 97th Constitutional Amendment and Maharashtra Cooperative Societies (Amendment) Ordinance 2013.
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The Right To Information (RTI) Act, 2005
An Act to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authorities, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority, the constitution of a Central Information Commission and State Information Commissions and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto...
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Housing Manual 2012
Whereas, complaints regarding registered Co-operative Housing Societies in the Maharashtra State received, on large scale and with view to immediate redressal of that complaints on the society level only, and similarly for conducting working of the society smoothly and neatly, there is a concept of preparing Housing Manual